Poomkavu is situated in the out-skirts of Alleppey town. It belonged once to the parish Thumpoly. In the parish of Thumpoly there were about 200 families belonging to the community of the seven hundred. On 8th March 1855, 1 acre and 73 cents of land situated in Sy No.325/14 B was donated by Mr. Kochako Thomas Valiaveettil for the construction of a Church. Rev. Fr. Jorris Alvarez Alumkal from Chellanam was the parish priest of Thumpoly. With the interest he had shown, the people collaborated and constructed first a thached shed for devotional gatherings.

People generously contributed. The materials for the construction of the Church and the parochial house were carried by the people from 5 k.m. east, from the Vembanad lake-shore. The parochial house was completed first. The Church was completed in 1860. For the blessing of the Church Rev. Bernardine Baccineto of St. Teresa O.C.D., Vicar Apostolic of Verapoly was solembly received from the lake-shore. The Church compound was beautifully adorned with trees. Seeing the natural beauty of the place Bishop Exclaimed, “It is indeed, a Poonkavanam”. That is how the name of Poomkavoo came to be attributed to this place.

The Church was consecrated on 8th December 1860. After the Consecration on the same day, it was errected as a parish. As the first Parish Priest the same Fr.Jorris Alvarez was appointed. In 1864 Fr. Jorris was transferred from Poomkavoo. From 1864 to 1886 the Parish was administered by priests belonging to Syrian Rite.

All the Church records were set on fire in 1872 by the order of the Vicar Apostolic of Verapoly. Thus the records from year 1860 to 1872 are missing.

On 13th February 1863 the confraternities of Infant Jesus and of the Most Holy Eucharist, were started by Rev. Bernardinos de Santa Theresa, Vicar Apostolic of Malabar.

On 15th August 1895 a statue of Our Lady of Assumption was established over the main altar. This statues was made in Verapoly and the price of it was Rs.100/-. 47 cents of land was donated to the Church by the Parathara family for conductiong the annual feast of Our Lady of Assumption.

Rev. Fr. Jacob de Rozario (Parish priest in Poomkavoo from 1886-1897), built the archives and the safe-from in the parochial house in the year1887. Fr. Pacaratius Fernandez succeeded him as parish priest. He died on 21st January 1901 and was buried in the Church. Rev. Fr. Paul Louis Alumkal (1912-1918) started a market on the eastern side of the Church compound. This plot is now given to the High School. Rev Fr. Antony Mendez Painganthara (1918-1924) built the Chapel of St. Antony in the market. On 29th February 1920 he installed the Church bell, weighing 60 Kg. He died on 1st april 1921 and was burried in St. Antony’s Shrine in the market.

Rev. Fr. Stephen Panassery (1937-1941) brought the main altar from the Mount Carmel Church, Alleppey. And Fr. Augustine Manakatt (1941-1955) fitted the main altar. It was blessed on 15th August 1944. In July 1947 he paved tiles on the floor of the Church and built the two corridors on north and south side of the Church. In 1949 he started a Saving Fund. In June 1952 he built a Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima along the main road junction. In April 1952 Mr. Paul Anthappan Marakkassery donated a life-size statue of Our Lord lying in state. On 11th August 1955 he succeeded to buy more landed properties for the Church.

Fr. Thomas Puthenveetil (1955-1960) laid fondation stone for the parish hall on 21st October 1959. During the time of Fr. Ignatius Kavalakal (19660-1963) the Centenary Celebrations of the Church were conducted on 8th, 8th and 10th December 1960 in a grand scale. Fr. Joseph Poopara (1969-1971) replaced the old Church bell with a new bell. The parish hall was completed by Fr. Joseph Pollayil (1971-1976). Fr. Louis Kattiparambil (1976-1981) constructed the St. Antony’s Chapel at Pathirappally and blessed it on 13th June 1977. On 20th June 1979 the Jyothir Bhavan, a convent of the Sisters of Mary Immaculate (Krishnagar) was started i Poomkavoo. The solemn inauguration and blessing of the new convent building was done on 19th March 1981, by H.E. Dr. Joseph Kureethara Bishop of Cochin.

Fr victor Maraparambil served as Parish Priest from 1981 to 1984. On the night of October 27th 1982 the Church was robbed and Sacred species were desecrated. Penitential procession and a meeting was conducted in this connection. On 6th February 1983 the Parish development Concil was officially inaugurated by H.E. Dr. Joseph Kureethara Bishop of Cochin. Through the tireless effort of Fr. Victor and of the parishioners a high School was santioned at Poomkavoo. Classes started during the academic year 1983-84. For the purpose of the High School 3 acres and 13 cents of Church property were donated to the Convent. On 24th March 1983 a crucifix was donated by Mr. Antony Raphael Thaivelikakath.

Fr. Antony Arackal took charge as parish priest on 15th January 1984. The altar of St. Antony’s Chapel, Pathirappally donated by Mr P.B. Paul, was blessed on 03-04-1984.

Foundation stone for the proper buildings of Mary Immaculate High School was laid on 10-05-1984. A library for the reference of the Catechism Teachers and students was inaugurated on 11-08-1985 by Fr. Antony Arackal

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