Project #1 Cemetry Rennovation Project

Name Of The Person In charge: Fr. Shaiju Pariathussery, Parish Priest, Our Lady Of Assumption Church, Poomkavu, Pathirapally P O, Alleppey 685525, Kerala, India.

Context of the project: This Parish belongs to the Diocese of Cochin, one of the 38 Parishes of the Diocese. There are around 15000 parishioners in this parish. Majority of the parishioners are moving their lives depending on the daily earning jobs. All are very active catholic faithful in the pariah. The death rate is between 90 and 100 in an year. The congested arrangements of the present tombs compel us to open the graves just after one year or sometimes even before that.

Plan of the project: the project is to build 300 graves. We are planning to build this with three years (hundred tombs in an year).

Purpose of the project: the purpose is to maximize the time of praying before the tombs of the relatives. At present we are compelled to open the tombs just after one year. If we have 300 tombs the time of praying before the tombs can be extended up to two or three years.

Cost of the project: the expected amount to build the cemetery is around 1700000(Seventeen lakhs) and for the boundary wall Rs 500000(Five lakhs). The total amount of the project is 2200000. The expected amount from the parishioners is around 900000(Nine lakhs)

Project #2 Entrance Arch at Kurisadi Junction

Project #3 Kodimaram (Flag Post)

Project #4 Parish Hall

Project #5 Rosary Park

Project #6 Palli Meda (Presbitery)

Project #7 Tile Laying in Court Yard

Project #8 Shopping Centre

Project #9 Beautification of Altar

Expecting your valuable and generous help we conclude.